Anne van de Star (NL, 1988, living in Brussels/BE) is a versatile artist specialized in sound design, electronic music composition and performance and sound installations.

Anne van de Star
sound art / musician / composer / visual artist

°09.07.1988, Nieuwegein, Nederland
Woont in Brussel werkt in Brussel en Antwerpen

She earned her MA in Mixed Media from Luca Arts/Ghent and BA Fine Arts from HKU/Utrecht (HKU) and Middlesex University/London.  After, she delved into the field of music and sound by self-studies and masterclasses.

She has since created various large sound installations for outdoor spaces, presented audiovisual performances and toured intensively with electro-acoustic set-ups.

She employs both sampling and deconstruction techniques to create her visual and sound compositions, which are presented in exhibitions, concerts, on albums and in screenings.

Together with violinist Hester Bolle, she forms since 2016 the electroacoustic band MONOMONO (Diffused Reality, PssT Mlle). Since 2021, she works closely with choreographers Mette Ingvartsen and recently Cherisch Menzo, and theatermakers Guus Diependaal and Anouk Fried as composer and sound designer.

Her compositions and performative/sound installations have been staged at concert halls, festivals, and radio stations, including S. K (Ghent), Het Entrepot (Bruges), MAS (Antwerp), Recyclart (Brussels), Alba Nova (Alden Biesen), De Studio (Antwerp), Fondation d'entreprise Martell, La Vallée (Brussels), Frans Masereel Center (Kasterlee), De Handelsbeurs (Ghent), STUK showcasing emerging artists (Leuven), Musica's Klankenbos Spring expo (Neerpelt), Grensgeluiden radio station (affiliated with Gonzo Magazine, Netherlands), The Word Radio (Belgium), De Concertzender (Netherlands), and BBC Radio 6 (United Kingdom).


2013 - 2014  
2012 - 2013       
2010 - 2011  
2006 - 2011 
MBA, Mixed Media, Luca-Arts Gent, BE
BA, Mixed media Luca-Arts, Gent, BE
BA in Fine Arts, HKU, Utrecht, NL
Erasmus exchange, Fine-Arts, Middlesex University London, UK
Bachelor of Education, HKU, Utrecht, NL 

Kunstonderwijs methodieken

Courses and Masterclasses (selectie) :




Audio Mastering Workshop with Christophe Albertijn, Q02
Summer University, PAF - Performing Arts Forum
Practical Music Theory I", organize and hosted by Center for Music, Coding and Sound Design
Soundmine at Musica, Neerpelt, with coaches Wim Henderickx, Jorrit Tamminga, Diederik Glorieux, and the Hermes Ensemble
Champ D’action Lab #5 at De Singel, Antwerpen, with coaches Marko
Ciciliani, Matt Wright, Johannes Kreidler, Serge Verstockt, Koen Theys

Ontwikkelingsbeurs van de Vlaamse Overheid
Ontwikkelingsbeurs van de Vlaamse Overheid

Projects and collaborations
Installations, performances, compositions, electronic music and sound productions

Timeline of works (selection)

- sound installation Extended Bling rrring (own work) , Nocturne festival Uit het donker, De Warande, Turnhout
- sound design for: KILLED AND EXTENDED DARLINGS: SUBTLE WHINE (Cherishv Menzo), Welcome to our Guesthouse #7 , Residentie theatre Rotterdam
- sound design for Skatepark (Mette Ingvartsen), residencies in Rosas performance space, Charleroi danse centre chorégraphique de Wallonie - Bruxelles,
- sound design for Angry Bodies (Guus Diepenmaat and Anouk Friedli), Volta residency
- sound design and live technique for The Dancing Public (Mette Ingvartsen), MA scéne National (Montbéliard), Dance in Bruges


- sound installation Bling rrring (own work), Bos Fesitval, Wilde Westen, Kortrijk
- sound installation The hanging garden of rrring (own work),oortreders festival, Neerpelt
- Sound research residency in Mess foundation, Melbourne, Australia
- Research residency, Overtoon , Brussels
- Sound design and live technique for The Dancing Public (Mette Ingvartsen) (selection),
Charleroi Danse, (Charleroi), Move your Mind Festival/Bora Bora (Aarhus), Short theatre
Festival (Rome), Rising Festival (Melbourne Town hall), Dansens Hus (Stockholm,
Elverket), Le Subs (Lyon), Paris l'été festival, Le Grand Palais Ephémère (Paris)


- sound design and live engineering for The Dancing Public (Mette Ingvartsen), Kaaitheater
(Brussels), Charleroi Danse (Charleroi), Festival d'Automme (CDCN, Paris), Pact Zollverein
(Essen)- sound design for The Dancing Public (Mette Ingvartsen) residencies at De Vooruit,Buda and PACT Zollverein- Live concert Le Songe Electronic, Blues Festival, Cognac, France
- sound installation Bling rrring (own work), Spring Expo, Musica, Neerpelt- sound installation Bling rrring (own work), Emerging Artists, STUK, Leuven,- research residency, Musica, Neerpelt


- video work Oblique blurrr, nadAvitrne, Nadine, Brussels
- sound installation Bling rrring (own work) At an early Alpha Stage, Atelier Lucas Pellens
- residency at Musica, Neerpelt
- sound  Bling rrrring installation oortreders festival, Neerpelt
- research residency, Performance Art Forum (PAF)
- release Fenniks on the label Montage 


- sound design How to throw yourself at the ground and miss for wavefield synthesis incollaboration with David Helbich, Alba Nova, Wave Field Synthesis, multi speakersound installation, department of sonology The Hague, Alba Nova festival, Alden Biesen
- live performance,  Oersoep, Ilot Massacre, Brussels
- live performance, URB, Het Entrepot, Bruges
- live performance, La vallee, SCRPR, Montage
- release Trammel, Gazor Tapes


- live performance, ETCETRA VI, S.M.A.K, Ghent, (multi speaker setup)
- live performance, Kauwgurk, Contrair, live performance, Antwerp
- interactive sound installation, Waves of Memories, collaboration with Eda Er,presented at Mamut Art Project, Istanbul


- live performance , DRRRIP radio, Antwerp, live performance
- live performance, Het Debuut, leave us at Dawn, The studio
- live performance Antwerp ‘Boomtown’, Handelsbeurs, Ghent,
- live performance, Label night Montage, Guest, Antwerp,
- Residency, beatmaking, Bozar, Brussels2016/ 2015 / 2014 / 2013

2016 - 2014
- Erdész Micha Eden, Tique gallery (2016) live performance
- Releases Language of Gold on Synth babe records (2106)
- Creation A/V live set collaboration with Inne Eysermans Residency at Trix screening during Vooruit and LABO 58 (2016
- ‘Bang!’ Festival, Bozar, audiocomposite
- Behind Fomu, Antwerp (2014)
- Liberty inviting artist to take part, W139 (2014)Amsterdam + residency in W139
- The library of babel, Apprentice
- Master exhibition. Coach: Paul Devens, Kunstpodium-T,Tilburg (2014)
- Residency theatre Zuidpool (2014)
- Concertgebouw Brugge, audio composition (2013)

Brief description of colaborations

Founding member of MONOMONO an electro-acoustic multi-media band. That released their album ICON (2021).

Mette IngvartsenThe Dancing Public (2021) and Skatepark(2023):
Collaborated with choreographer Mette Ingvartsen on two major projects. In TheDancing Public(2021), contributed as a musician, sound designer and composer. In Skatepark(2023), contributed as sound designer.

Cherish Menzo Killed and Extended Darlings: Subtle Whine(2023):
Collaborated with choreographer Cherish Menzo as sound artist and composer, creatingaural elements that enhanced the performance's atmosphere and narrative.

Friedli and Guus DiepenmaatAngry Bodies (2023)Collaborated with Anouk Friedli and Guus Diepenmaat, contributing as sound designer and
composer to convey emotional depth of anger in sound.