Installation view at BOS! Festival, Wilde Westen, Kortrijk, 2022

Bling rrring, 2020

2 steel rings , 2x160cm diameter, motors
Bling rrrring is a meditative work creating a resounding dialogue between two rotating steel rings, one controlled regularly by a motor, the second irregularly by the collisions between the two rings. produced in collaboration with C-TAKT and Musica

Exhibitions: BOS! Festival, Wilde Westen (Kortrijk, 2022), Emerging Sound Artists, STUK (Leuven, 2021), Spring Expo, Musica Klankenbos (Neerpelt, 2021), At an early alpha stage, Atelier Lucas Pellens (Pelt, 2020)

Klankenbos, Spring Expo, Musica, Neerpelt, 2021 ©Anne van de Star

STUK kunstencentrum, Showcase Emerging Sound, Leuven, 2021 ©Joeri Thiry