Fenniks, 2019

Fenniks is a sound production that took its shape on a compilation put together by Montage Label.

Urgent Music vol. II: Assemblage is the second in a series of compilations focusing on the political within abstract electronic music. This compilation centres around Anna Tsing’s concept of assemblages as “open ended gatherings”. We wanted, as her, to find life within capitalism’s ruins. This compilation is not only about encounters; the meeting between different styles and artists across the compilation, but also about the shifting temporalities within songs. Working conceptually throughout this series of compilations, the quest for the political can also be an infusion of the political within an album. Being adamant about a strong contextualisation permits a higher awareness of the message conveyed. A dance floor should be politicized to become activated.

All proceedings of this compilation will be donated to BXLRefugees. In times of rising fascism, it’s both beautiful and saddening to see civilians feel the need to rise up and deliver the care their government is supposed to provide.

Text by Jonathan Cant